Post Season Leaders in Errors

After posting the careers of top home grown St. Louis Cardinals I decided to present minor leagues differently and automate this more and hopefully make it easier to find and analyze top prospects.  Players with the best WAA in a minor league season are not necessarily top prospects. They may be players who can excel in the minors and not higher. More code is required to try out and implement some more and different sorts.

In the meantime here’s a fun table generated from my data model showing top 15 players in post season play who gave up the most runs due to errors.  These stats were derived from modified play by play event files curated and made available by The general rule of thumb average throughout history is that an unearned run is scored for every two errors. Individual results will vary.  Conclusions shouldn’t be made from this data other than these players played a lot in post season.

Name Errors Unearned Runs
Derek_Jeter 16 5
Art_Fletcher 12 9
George_Brett 11 9
Chipper_Jones 11 10
Davey_Lopes 11 3
Bill_Russell 10 7
Frankie_Crosetti 10 5
Honus_Wagner 9 9
Peewee_Reese 9 1
Edgar_Renteria 9 3
Larry_Doyle 9 5
Roger_Peckinpaugh 9 7
Frankie_Frisch 9 4
Doug_DeCinces 8 6
Tony_Kubek 8 4

This type of data is part of the way this data model ranks fielding.