Top Clutch Game Winning Hitters in Post Season History

Here is another example of a statistic that can only be derived from knowing event data.

Clutch Game Winning  is described in the previous post. I thought it would be interesting to run post season event data through this algorithm to see who were the best clutch game winning hitters with respect to giving his team the lead when it mattered in post season play. The events included in this set are for all post season play from 1903 to 2012. Modern era players have had more opportunities since there are so many more playoff games with divisional and now wild card playoff games.

This list differs from the RISP post season list previously posted which measures runs above average in runners in scoring position. A batter must put his team in the lead to earn one of these.  A clutch game winning stat increments once for each occurrence  whereas the RISP stat counts batted in runs and compares that to league averages.

Post Season Clutch Hitters

23 Bernie_Williams_NYA
21 Manny_Ramirez_TBA
17 Chipper_Jones_ATL
15 David_Ortiz_MIN
14 Derek_Jeter_NYA
14 David_Justice_OAK
14 Lou_Gehrig_TOT
14 Paul_O’Neill_TOT
13 Albert_Pujols_SLN
12 George_Brett_TOT
12 Babe_Ruth_TOT
12 Jim_Edmonds_SLN
11 Fred_McGriff_TOT
11 Miguel_Cabrera_FLO
11 John_Olerud_NYA
10 Tino_Martinez_SLN
10 Josh_Hamilton_TEX
10 Chase_Utley_PHI
10 Jermaine_Dye_OAK
10 Lance_Berkman_SLN
9 Joe_DiMaggio_TOT
9 Brian_Jordan_ATL
9 Alex_Rodriguez_NYA
9 Edgardo_Alfonzo_SFN
9 Joe_Carter_TOT
9 Reggie_Jackson_TOT
9 Johnny_Damon_TBA
9 Yogi_Berra_TOT
9 Jim_Leyritz_TOT