Error in WAR numbers for batters posted here

It has come to my attention that there was a bug in the code that published how baseball-reference defines WAA and not WAR.  This affected articles posted here describing individual batter WAR numbers such as these two:

WAR correlates very strongly with their WAA so I don’t think any rankings will change, just the numbers published in the tables are wrong. I may republish those tables.

For some reason I failed to double check batter WARs. Pitcher WARs and Team WARs were extracted correctly and published correctly in  WAA vs. WAR analysis.   The page at WAR Totals 1970-2013 used a different script to make that table so its numbers are correct.

Do not confuse the WAA computed by with the WAA computed here.   They are computed very differently.   This is an unfortunate happenstance as I only included the baseball-reference WAA value in mid level data to do number analysis on it one day.