Pace Is the Most Consistent Pitching Stat

That suggests that the biggest factor affecting pace is the pitcher. Pitchers can change catchers, teams or leagues; face a mix of batters; and pitch in front of a different defensive alignment or in different contexts. Yet their pace of play stays largely the same from season to season.

This is evident in the leaderboard: Five of the 10 slowest pitchers with at least 100 innings last year were among the 10 slowest in 2012.

via Pace Is the Most Consistent Pitching Stat | FiveThirtyEight.

Not sure the purpose of  measuring pace and this analysis.  I would expect pitchers who pitch slowly will pitch slowly from year to year because that is their style.   What is the point to this article?

I found there was essentially no correlation between pace and FIP or WPA.

Assuming FIP is a valid form of measurement he concludes that pace doesn’t even correlate to performance.  Here is my disproof of the FIP formula.