New Site Feature

The math that runs this data model computing player valuations is the same for every player from Babe Ruth to Juan Pierre. There are no tables of coefficients that need to be maintained from season to season like other data models used by popular baseball sites.  So far all tables showing  player rankings have been manually copied and pasted into their own post with commentary.  This limits the amount of data that can be seen and this WordPress platform isn’t suited for dealing with thousands of tables.

I have been writing scripts to automatically generate various tables and I’d like to introduce them as a new site feature.  Click on a link below to bring up seasonal data showing teams ranked by strength of Batting and Pitching in the left pane.  The strongest team doesn’t always have the best record but you can easily visualize whether a team has strength or weakness in either batting or pitching.  Clicking on a team will bring up their top ten players ranked by this data model.

Below are various years that have been generated so far.  Although I could generate ever year since 1890 this is still a work in progress.   The 2014 link will be updated frequently as that represents the current season.  Email me at if you want to see a year added.  Eventually all years will be available.

2014 2013 2012 2011
2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
1994 1985 1984 1969 1964 1963 1962
1945 1936 1935 1908

This set of tables shows top ten players for each team as well as league leaders.  Future site features will introduce other sorts on the model such as comparing positional players across the history of MLB.  The weekly Friday post showing top ten in MLB may remain even though it duplicates the 2014 tables.