1919 World Series

After generating top ten lists for all years and checking them I ran across the year 1919 and it intrigued me.  The 1919 World Series was scarred by scandal.   Players on the Chicago White Sox were being paid to throw the series to the Cincinnati Reds.  This would imply the White Sox were considered favorites to win.

Here are this model’s top ten lists for 1919.  The Reds clearly had an advantage in BAT+PITCH although the White Sox had superior hitting.   At the time was hitting considered more valuable than pitching in a short series?  Or did the fixers simply want to make sure that their bets for the Reds were 100% guaranteed instead of perhaps 55%.   According to the linked to Wikipedia article however it states:

Although rumors were swirling among the gamblers (according to Tom Meany in his chapter on the 1919 Reds in “Baseball’s Greatest Teams,” “Cincinnati money was pouring in” even though the White Sox were regarded as the overwhelming favorite) and some of the press, most fans and observers were taking the Series at face value.

Even the movie about this subject implies that CHA were heavy favorites in the series which means a lot of betting money would be flowing towards them.  I find it interesting how this model shows the Reds should have been considered favorites to win the 1919 World Series.  It does however make for better drama telling the tale with the team throwing the series to be heavy favorites to win rather than having them throw the series merely giving the people in on the fix a way to lay off risk.