Top Relief Squads

The table below lists the current top relief squads according to this data model. Relievers are consider those who are brought in to pitch relief more than game starts.

Teamname WAA
Washington_Nationals 7.8
San_Diego_Padres 7.6
Seattle_Mariners 7.0
Atlanta_Braves 6.0
Oakland_Athletics 5.1
St._Louis_Cardinals 3.5
San_Francisco_Giants 3.5
Boston_Red_Sox 3.4
Kansas_City_Royals 2.8
Cleveland_Indians 2.4

It wouldn’t be much fun if we didn’t show the bottom of the list.  The Dodgers have one of top overall pitching squads yet  their relief squad ranks #6 worst out of 30 teams.  For current MLB stats see

Teamname WAA
Houston_Astros -6.7
Colorado_Rockies -4.8
Detroit_Tigers -4.5
Toronto_Blue_Jays -4.0
Texas_Rangers -3.7
Arizona_Diamondbacks -3.6
Los_Angeles_Dodgers -2.1
Los_Angeles_Angels_of_Anaheim -2.0
Cincinnati_Reds -2.0
Tampa_Bay_Rays -2.0