2014 Event Files have arrived

From http://retrosheet.org/

What’s New

  • 12/14/2014: Game accounts, boxes, and play-by-play data files for 2014; many other updates and additions. See [Games/Regular Season]

The 2014 event files have arrived at retrosheet.org.  I need to process them to add game state information. After the files have been processed they go through a second set of scripts to generate run data and error data.  Run data is a set of records, one for every run, that marks batter who scored, batter who made RBI, pitcher credited for that run, type of play that caused that run, etc.  Error records identify the fielder credited with that error and how many runs resulted in that error along with other info.

Once all this data is generated the third set of scripts can count various things and not have to worry about figuring out game state or who hit in what run.  Calculations like RISP and GWRBI are two stats dependent on traversing game events.  Those stats will be coming soon as well as day by day graphs of player WAA for every player, every year since 1974, the earliest year game event data is considered complete.