The scripts for 2015 are working and becoming more automated.  This year I will provide daily game analysis on each team showing strength of:

  • Lineup
  • Batting Total
  • Starting Pitching
  • Relief Pitching
  • Home/Away advantage
  • and Betting Lines

I tried to use this data model to come up with a probability better than what betting lines come up with.  Over the winter I ran theories against four years of betting line data and could not come up with anything that can beat the lines. The model is more accurate however in the above categories than anything Sabermetrics can come up with so these daily updates will be useful. I’m still working on scripts to automate everything. Once everything is automated the sub site will update on its own every day for the rest of the season.

More to come.  This blog will remain but not sure how often it will be updated.  The proof for the data model is complete and none of the concepts have changed so everything written in the past is still valid.  The formulae and proof is rock solid and everything balances perfectly.   I also have daily evaluations for the last 40 years for every MLB player.  I need to figure out a way to present that data however. That will happen sometime this summer.

The site baseball.brandylion.com/seasons will be updated to include the 2015 season as well as updating who plays for what franchise this year.

Until then ….