Congrats 2015 Chicago Cubs

The Chicago Cubs made it through the Wild Card by beating Pittsburgh, then St. Louis, and then ran up against a better New York Mets team who played well. I probably should have been updating this blog like I did for the Cardinals in 2013 but didn’t feel like it.

Event data will come out in December. This season I collected 6 snapshots 2 hours apart of Vegas lines daily for all teams. I’ll probably run some theories against it in the off season.

The World Series is upon us and Kansas City has defied all odds by beating a much better on paper Toronto Blue Jays. KCA also beat a better Anaheim last season so there’s something going on with that team causing them to win. Winning a 7 game series is hard and mostly rules out luck. I will be analyzing KCA closely throughout 2015 when I receive event data to see if there’s anything that should be counted but isn’t.

My prediction for the World Series: I don’t know but leaning Mets. Perhaps if I get motivated I’ll post an analysis here instead of where I have been posting them. Until then ….