World Series Game 1

DATE 10_27 8:05_PM Oct_27_14:01:03 NYN KCA
LINEAWAY NYN -105 -107
STARTAWAY 5.31 Matt_Harvey_NYN
LINEHOME KCA -105 -103
STARTHOME 1.83 Edinson_Volquez_KCA

I don’t understand how KCA beat Toronto
or how they beat Anaheim last season to
get to the WS. There is something they
are doing that is not being measured.

The Ouija board has absolutely no idea
who to pick in this. NYN has a much
better starter so that wipes out home
field advantage for KCA so the bet
is pretty much even steven, we don’t

Let’s look at status lines

34.9 32.9 724 641 95 67 12.3 0.9 KCA

Very balanced BAT and PITCH for the year.
UR= +12.3 so KCA doesn’t make many bad

-3.1 75.0 683 613 90 72 -3.7 -2.1 NYN

Mets a PITCHing team but as we saw with the
Cubs their current lineup is much better than
almost average, -3.1, their season long

Here are lineups from their last games.

DATE 10232015
-2.35 Alcides_Escobar_KCA SS
1.53 Ben_Zobrist_TOT 2B
4.24 Lorenzo_Cain_KCA CF
4.68 Eric_Hosmer_KCA 1B
4.89 Kendrys_Morales_KCA DH
2.12 Mike_Moustakas_KCA 3B
0.06 Salvador_Perez_KCA C
-0.48 Alex_Gordon_KCA LF
-1.91 Alex_Rios_KCA RF
TOTAL 12.79

DATE 10212015
1.99 Curtis_Granderson_NYN RF
0.32 David_Wright_NYN 3B
1.20 Daniel_Murphy_NYN 2B
6.05 Yoenis_Cespedes_TOT CF
1.99 Lucas_Duda_NYN 1B
1.41 Travis_d’Arnaud_NYN C
1.43 Michael_Conforto_NYN LF
0.27 Wilmer_Flores_NYN SS
0.32 Steven_Matz_NYN P
TOTAL 14.97

The Mets put together quite an impressive
lineup throughout the year which is why the
Cubs are home watching this on TV. KCA
however shut down Toronto who had by far the
best hitting squad in MLB so we’ll see
if they have similar success with the Mets.

On paper the Mets should win this series but
unfortunately for the Mets and Blue Jays, the
only numbers that count are runs and wins in
the next seven or so games.