Cubs/Cards series

Why can’t the Cardinals take a year or two off
from competing? Here’s what I have so far on
the two teams.

19.5 17.7 71 31 9 3 1.5 1.3 CHN
33.5 0.7 85 50 7 5 -0.5 1.3 SLN

The Cubs have much better PITCHing and the Cards have
much better BATting.  PITCH + BAT is around equal
between the two teams.

BAT and PITCH are runs above or below league average.
Roughly calculated it’s:

BAT = Runs_scored – Run_average
PITCH = Runs_average – Runs_scored_against

It’s a little more complicated but the above
is the gist of it.  Note the Cubs UR is climbing
again and up to +1.7.  The Cards are a bit underwater
at -0.5.  Everything swings wildly
this early in the season though .  Maddon might have
seen  what you guys were complaining
about here after the NLCS and he did something
about it.