Mets Cubs Analysis

Mets Cubs Analysis

First things first.  Let’s look at the top 5 in MLB today.

+001+ 6.53 Clayton_Kershaw_LAN PITCH
+002+ 5.38 Jon_Lester_CHN PITCH
+003+ 5.23 Madison_Bumgarner_SFN PITCH
+004+ 5.06 Jake_Arrieta_CHN PITCH
+005+ 4.85 Steven_Wright_BOS PITCH

They’re all PITCHers and 4/5 are NL PITCHers.  Steven Wright is the best AL pitcher, not Chris Sale.

Here’s what the Ouija boards says about today.

DATE 06_30 7:10_PM Jun_30_10:06 CHN NYN
LINEAWAY CHN -109 -125
STARTAWAY 2.12 John_Lackey_CHN
LINEHOME NYN -101 +115
STARTHOME 1.74 Steven_Matz_NYN

Matz and Lackey are about the same value.  The line started out even steven no home field advantage and then went towards the Cubs.  Here are the Mets.

-69.2 70.7 276 272 40 37 7.2 -4.7 NYN
+015+ 3.93 Noah_Syndergaard_NYN PITCH
+035+ 3.07 Jacob_deGrom_NYN PITCH
+040+ 2.92 Bartolo_Colon_NYN PITCH

NYN has very bad hitting and only three guys in top 100, all starting pitchers.  Colon sucked last season but somehow bounced back this year.  During the NLCS last year NYN had a very very good hitting lineup.  Here are NYN in bottom 100.

-048- -2.06 Asdrubal_Cabrera_NYN SS
-055- -1.91 Kevin_Plawecki_NYN CR
-056- -1.91 Curtis_Granderson_NYN RF
-080- -1.62 Alejandro_De_Aza_NYN LF

Not sure if any of these guys are still playing.The Cubs were looking at Granderson once.  He’s not always this bad.

tl;dr The Ouija board thinks the Cubs have a much better team than NYN this season and my model agrees.