Top Cubs as of 7/3/2016


If you’re coming from Twitter this site will seem foreign. This data model discerns every player into a weighting factor and then rank. Rank is first column, weighting factor second column. All MLB players, both pitchers and batters, get ranked together. A rank column with a +…+ means top 200, with a -…- is a reverse sort bottom 200. Players do not want a high rank in the bottom 200. Please see the Table of Contents for more information how this sausage is made.

Top Cubs as of 7/3/2016

Analysis like this can be made for any team.  I just do it for the Cubs.  First there is team status line:

56.2 99.7 420 260 51 29 3.5 0.5 CHN

The Cubs real WAA is 51-29=+22 which is almost the same as it has been for a month now.  Not much has changed from last week.  PITCH is almost twice as good as BAT.  UR=+3.7 which is above average.  UR is team unearned runs above average.  Here are Cubs in top 100:

+002+ 5.40 Jon_Lester_CHN PITCH
+005+ 4.81 Kris_Bryant_CHN 3B-LF
+006+ 4.77 Jake_Arrieta_CHN PITCH
+027+ 3.32 Anthony_Rizzo_CHN 1B
+035+ 3.09 Kyle_Hendricks_CHN PITCH
+060+ 2.46 Ben_Zobrist_CHN 2B
+071+ 2.31 John_Lackey_CHN PITCH

Cubs still have 3 players in top ten which is amazing and historical.  No Cubs in bottom 200.  Arrieta fell a few notches after yesterday.

Blast from the Past — 1969

This data model has every player ranked every day since 1911.  Before that box scores are sketchy except for World Series games.   Here are Cubs this day in 1969.

BAT|PITCH|Rs|Ra|W|L|UR|LR|TeamID 07/03/1969
86.3 28.4 406 285 52 28 5.8 0.6 CHN

In 1969 Cubs’ BAT was over twice as good as  PITCH.  Their record of 52-28 is eerily identical to this year’s team.  Yesterday the records were exactly the same.  Here are 1969 CHN players in top 100.
+005+ 5.92 Ron_Santo_CHN X
+028+ 3.74 Ernie_Banks_CHN X
+030+ 3.59 Billy_Williams_CHN X
+040+ 3.17 Ferguson_Jenkins_CHN PITCH
+043+ 2.88 Bill_Hands_CHN PITCH
+050+ 2.67 Don_Kessinger_CHN X
+056+ 2.44 Randy_Hundley_CHN X

Only Santo in top ten at #5.  No need to beat a dead horse since we all know the end to this story.