Cubs record against bad pitchers

After the Cubs lost to Shields I started to wonder their record when playing against bad starting pitchers.  One thing led to another and I got this report.

We can’t do proper evaluations until mid May so the total for this season from May until the end of July is as follows:

TOTAL WIN=5  LOSE=10  WinPct=0.333

That’s pretty bad.  The pattern I had noticed to write the code to do this has been proven true.  The Cubs have had difficult  times with opposing pitchers who currently suck at game time.

I need to run numbers league wide because it’s possible that current bad pitchers win more often than they should because they’re desperate.

2015 totals were

TOTAL WIN=13  LOSE=12  WinPct=0.520

At 0.520 the Cubs had a lower record playing against bad pitching last season too but not as bad as this season so far.