Cubs record against mediocre pitching

Note:  I did this analysis awhile ago counting the Cubs’ record against good pitching, bad pitching, and mediocre pitching.  Looking back I only posted the results of their record against bad pitching.  Here are the numbers for against good and mediocre pitching.  Cleveland has 1 good and 3 mediocre pitchers in their World Series rotation.  The below was written July 29.   If I get motivated I may run these scripts again for the complete season.  April is excluded because there isn’t enough data to rank players.

The Cubs most likely will face Josh Tomlin in Game 2.

XXXXX -0.88 Josh_Tomlin_CLE PITCH

He is unranked and slightly below average and considered “mediocre.”  Cleveland will almost certainly start this guy for Game 1.

+025+ 5.21 Corey_Kluber_CLE PITCH

Being ranked 25th in MLB for both pitchers and batters he’s considered a good pitcher for which the Cubs had trouble hitting this season.  The Cubs did clobber Clayton Kershaw but, like Greg Maddux, Kershaw has issues pitching in the playoffs.  Kluber hasn’t shown playoff jitters so far.  If the Cubs can split first two games in Cleveland then they have a very very good chance.

Cubs record against good and mediocre pitching

Here are the Cubs playing against good pitchers.

score TOTAL WIN=7  LOSE=12  WinPct=0.368

Ouch.  Where did they get all their wins?  Here are Cubs against mediocre pitchers…

score TOTAL WIN=33  LOSE=13  WinPct=0.717

They killed the mediocre pitchers throughout the season to put them at 0.600.  Unfortunately in the playoffs and World Series they’ll be facing mostly good to great

April games were left out of above because there isn’t enough data to discern value between pitchers.