Team status

Team status lines give the status of a team in a single line.  Here are the Cubs after 4/16/2017,

-4.0 10.6 47 43 6 6 -1.2 -1.4 CHN

The line consists 8 variables and TeamID which is franchise ID.  LAN, (aka LA Dodgers) also represents Brooklyn Dodgers if we go back in time.  The eight variables are:

  • BAT – Runs Above Average (RAA) for hitting
  • PITCH – Runs Above Average for pitching
  • RS – Runs scored
  • RA – Runs scored against
  • W L – Wins – Loss
  • UR – Team Unearned Runs above average
  • LR – Team Lucky Runs above average

A lucky run is when a run scored but the batter did not get an RBI.  MLB counts these runs in the final game score.  Unearned Runs are those not charged to a pitcher due to error.  These runs must be counted or the books don’t balance in this data model.

When any of these Above Average figures hits zero that’s completely average.  If a team plays completely average for an entire season they end with a W-L of 81-81.  The Cubs as a team  are slightly below average with UR right now but it’s way too early to determine that.

BAT is a little underwater, PITCH above water at +10.6 and the Cubs are completely average right now at 6-6.

When I compile the 2016 event data I’ll have dailies and we can compare and contrast to last year and any year for that matter.  In two weeks I may release player rankings and introduce the concept of WAA again and compare it to WAR.  Until then ….