Kyle Schwarber to AAA

Kyle Schwarber has been sent to help the Iowa Cubs.  It will be an interesting couple of weeks now watching him start anew in a new league.  Everyone starts at WAA=0 and either rises or falls from there.  The Iowa Cubs will get a weekly status from now on.  Let’s look at the Iowa Cubs using a June 17 snapshot used to test some scripts which are mostly done.  Here is their status line:

-3.4 -77.4 294 379 27 38 -5.7 -1.3 Iowa_Cubs_CHN  6/17/2017

This team has terrible PITCH, slightly below average BAT and they’re 11 games under.  Standings don’t matter when you’re 11 games under.  Kyle Schwarber will help the BAT situation but may not be able to single handedly right this ship unless the Cubs bring up some pitchers from the Smokies — if they have any good ones.  We’ll see about that later.   Here are top Cubs as of the 6/17 snapshot.

+030+ 2.33 Victor_Caratini_CHN BAT
+036+ 2.18 Eddie_Butler_CHN PITCH
+047+ 1.93 Seth_Frankoff_CHN PITCH
+053+ 1.91 Ian_Happ_CHN BAT
+126+ 1.30 Chris_Dominguez_CHN BAT
+187+ 1.01 Mark_Zagunis_CHN BAT
XXXXX 0.84 Jeimer_Candelario_CHN BAT
XXXXX 0.82 Zac_Rosscup_CHN PITCH
XXXXX 0.80 David_Berg_CHN PITCH
XXXXX 0.44 Steve_Perakslis_CHN PITCH
XXXXX 0.36 Alec_Mills_CHN PITCH
XXXXX 0.29 Dylan_Floro_CHN PITCH

We now combine International and PCL because they both have the same class of player, AAA. There are 30 teams each with an MLB franchise affiliation. The Iowa Cubs have 6 guys in the top 200, two are playing with the Cubs now. Eddie Butler’s WAA is phenomenal for his short playing time  (30.3 IP) which is why the Cubs brought him up. Players in minor leagues move around a lot and their season is shorter. This can screw up a minor league team’s win loss record.   Their MLB franchises need to cull top players.  That’s the entire purpose of their farm system.

Ian Happ only had 119 plate appearances and if you calculate that rate or WinPct it’s over 0.700.  Since his WAA is frozen in this league he’ll keep dropping in rank as time goes on which is why he’s #53 now.  The MLB Cubs don’t want to waste that talent helping the Iowa Cubs win.  I don’t know who the other names are yet.   We’ll wait another week to do State of the Iowa Cubs after Schwarber gets settled in.  Until then….