State of the Smokies 6/22/2017

We’ll do these state of Smokies and Iowa Cubs every so often — especially Iowa since we want to keep track of Kyle Schwarber who will have another storybook year if he comes out of Iowa and helps win another World Series for the Cubs.

We have a dataset from 6/22 which should be good enough to get an idea of what is going on with the Cubs’ AA team.  Here is team status.

-5.5 13.6 283 269 36 33 2.4 1.9 Tennessee_Smokies_CHN 6/22/2017

BAT a little under water, PITCH above average and they’re 3 wins up which gets divvied amongst their players.  Let’s look at their top players right now.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos
+008+ 3.23 Jason_Vosler_CHN BAT
+014+ 2.81 James_Pugliese_CHN PITCH
+024+ 2.31 Daury_Torrez_CHN PITCH
+048+ 1.97 Jen-Ho_Tseng_CHN PITCH
+061+ 1.76 Trevor_Clifton_CHN PITCH
+102+ 1.41 Andury_Acevedo_CHN PITCH
+153+ 1.07 Ian_Rice_CHN BAT
XXXXX 0.44 David_Garner_CHN PITCH

They have three guys in top 25 which isn’t bad for a dataset of 30 MLB franchise affiliates.  On average each affiliate should have around 1 in the top 25.  I don’t know who any of these players are so cannot comment.  The model just crunches numbers and makes these reports.  That you can hit in AA does not mean you can hit in MLB or even AAA.   We only show the value stat (WAA) in these reports because the purpose of a value stat is to discern the myriad numbers you will see on other sites into something simple to identify.

Let’s look at the top 20 players as of 6/22 to get a glimpse as to what franchises are doing well with player development in this league.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos
+001+ 4.28 Tyler_Mahle_CIN PITCH
+002+ 3.70 Edwin_Rios_LAN BAT
+003+ 3.51 Austin_Ross_CIN PITCH
+004+ 3.49 Jack_Flaherty_SLN PITCH
+005+ 3.42 Scott_Kingery_PHI BAT
+006+ 3.34 Kevin_Cron_ARI BAT
+007+ 3.34 Tyler_Marincov_OAK BAT
+008+ 3.23 Jason_Vosler_CHN BAT
+009+ 3.19 Ronald_Herrera_NYA PITCH
+010+ 3.02 Garabez_Rosa_BAL BAT
+011+ 2.98 Tyler_Marlette_SEA BAT
+012+ 2.94 Lucas_Long_BAL PITCH
+013+ 2.88 Rogelio_Armenteros_HOU PITCH
+014+ 2.81 James_Pugliese_CHN PITCH
+015+ 2.77 Chris_Rowley_TOR PITCH
+016+ 2.69 Mike_Kickham_MIA PITCH
+017+ 2.60 Mike_Soroka_ATL PITCH
+018+ 2.58 Scott_Barlow_LAN PITCH
+019+ 2.44 Franmil_Reyes_SDN BAT
+020+ 2.39 Miguel_Andujar_NYA BAT

I don’t know who any of these players are.  Minor league rankings can be deceiving.  Since value accumulates through playing time, a standout player who came from A+ or A mid season will start off at 0 and could get lost in  lower rankings.  It might be worthwhile to show WinPct to find streaking players working their way up the ladder.   We’ll see.

We’ll do Smokies once every two weeks and the Iowa Cubs every week.  We’ll wait until July so Schwarber can get some playing time in.  Until then….