All Star Picks Part 2

Today we’ll show the picks produced by this data model for the positions of shortstop, catcher, and the grab bag  of outfielders.  So let’s start with shortstops.  Here are the top ten shortstops in MLB.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos
+034+ 2.75 Carlos_Correa_HOU SS
+052+ 2.37 Corey_Seager_LAN SS
+153+ 1.28 Trea_Turner_WAS SS
+157+ 1.24 Elvis_Andrus_TEX SS
+169+ 1.20 Zack_Cozart_CIN SS
XXXXX 0.92 Chris_Owings_ARI SS-RF-2B
XXXXX 0.76 Pat_Valaika_COL SS
XXXXX 0.67 Xander_Bogaerts_BOS SS
XXXXX 0.59 Alexi_Amarista_COL SS
XXXXX 0.55 Addison_Russell_CHN SS

Value for SS drops off much faster than for 2B which we showed in Part 1.  The current AL leader in fan voting is Correa and NL it’s Zack Cozart.  Cozart is ranked #27 with WAR and we have him at #169.  Scanning his stats he looks like a Draft Kings team owner pick.

Catcher is the most important defensive position on the field.  He’s involved in every pitch.  The tables here are a value measure for offense only but that’s all we have.  Let’s look at the top ten catchers in MLB.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos
+032+ 2.81 Gary_Sanchez_NYA CR
+043+ 2.58 Craig_Kimbrel_BOS PITCH
+076+ 1.99 Robinson_Chirinos_TEX CR
+107+ 1.68 Brian_McCann_HOU CR
+151+ 1.32 Mike_Zunino_SEA CR
+170+ 1.20 Evan_Gattis_HOU CR-DH
+188+ 1.03 Chris_Iannetta_ARI CR
XXXXX 0.76 Chris_Herrmann_ARI CR-LF
XXXXX 0.73 Travis_d’Arnaud_NYN CR
XXXXX 0.71 Jesus_Sucre_TBA CR

Edit: This is what happens when software does so much.  Craig Kimbrel is a very good pitcher for Boston, not a catcher.  Somehow the Cr in his first name Craig triggered the inclusion.  Not sure why I didn’t catch this.

NL fan voting has picked Buster Posey so far and AL it’s Salvador Perez, neither are in the above list.  The value in the above list drops off quickly.  Let’s look at full lines for Perez and Posey.

Rank WAA BA OBP PA RBI R Name_TeamID Pos
XXXXX 0.13 0.344 0.422 282 33 33 Buster_Posey_SFN CR-1B
XXXXX 0.69 0.289 0.320 273 45 31 Salvador_Perez_KCA CR-DH

Posey has an extremely high BA and OBP so his estimated run creation must be high.  WAR has him ranked #33.   WAR has Perez ranked #147.  Catcher is the only defensive position where a sub average WAA is perfectly OK.   If a team wants to invest offense in a catcher they should at least know what they’re investing.

And finally, let’s do outfielders.  MLB chooses 3 outfielders from a pool so we’ll show the top 20 OF, regardless of their actual position.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos
+003+ 5.54 Aaron_Judge_NYA RF
+006+ 4.58 Cody_Bellinger_LAN LF-1B
+009+ 4.22 Bryce_Harper_WAS RF
+012+ 3.78 Charlie_Blackmon_COL CF
+017+ 3.49 George_Springer_HOU CF-RF
+045+ 2.58 Mike_Trout_ANA CF
+046+ 2.54 Michael_Conforto_NYN LF-CF
+047+ 2.52 Justin_Upton_DET LF
+053+ 2.37 Lonnie_Chisenhall_CLE RF-CF
+055+ 2.33 Marwin_Gonzalez_HOU LF-1B-3B
+065+ 2.10 Marcell_Ozuna_MIA LF
+066+ 2.10 Adam_Duvall_CIN LF
+068+ 2.08 Aaron_Hicks_NYA CF-LF
+071+ 2.04 Jay_Bruce_NYN RF
+074+ 2.02 Giancarlo_Stanton_MIA RF
+082+ 1.91 Jake_Marisnick_HOU CF
+089+ 1.81 Steven_Souza_TBA RF
+092+ 1.78 Khris_Davis_OAK LF-DH
+097+ 1.76 J.D._Martinez_DET RF
+102+ 1.70 Avisail_Garcia_CHA RF

The 6 players in bold are  OF picks by this data model.  The regular colored entries are secondary picks.     AL  fans picked Judge, Trout, and Springer and NL  picked Harper, Blackmon, and Heyward(?????).  Zobrist is fourth???? This is the strangest outcome of any position so far.  Even Kyle Schwarber is listed at #8.  Our #1 pick, Bellinger, isn’t even listed.  They have Puig listed higher than him.  At least we were 3 for 3 with the AL picks.  What is wrong with NL voters?

That is all.  We skip DH because we don’t believe in the DH.  Pitchers should learn how to hit because it’s part of baseball and part of baseball history.  The highest ranking player in the history of baseball, Babe Ruth, was a very good and talented pitcher.