No State of the Cubs 7/5/2017

We’re going to skip a week with this report because not much has changed and I don’t feel like typing the same thing week after week.  The Cubs still have a very balanced team in that no one is excelling and no one sucks.  Everyone is hovering around average except for a couple outliers.

Next Wednesday will be the day after the All Star game and it will be a good time to see overall how this team performed first half of the season.    I’m not qualified to play GM and suggest trades (although this model can evaluate them to some extent)  and Joe Maddon seems to be using every trick in his bag to kick start this team.  There is no one to blame.  Since the Cubs now have a World Series trophy, this season doesn’t really matter much.  If they don’t make the playoffs so what.   Luckily the entire NL Central is bad now so the Cubs still have a chance to finish well and sweep the playoffs.   The winner of the NL Central will probably end up with less wins than both Wild Card teams.  If the current Cardinals were playing up to typical dynasty Cardinals  standards the Cubs and Brewers would both be making vacation plans for the month of October right now.

The core of this team are the same players that won a World Series.  Past results do not affect future results.

Iowa Cubs tomorrow or the next day, depends on my mood.  Until then….