State of the White Sox Minors

Now that the Cubs gave the White Sox some prospects let’s take a look at their current AAA team,  Charlotte Knights, and their AA team,  Birmingham Barons.  We’ll use the dataset used for the last state of the Iowa Cubs and Tennessee Smokies.  I don’t want to recompile a new set since  nothing much changes in a few days of baseball.

Let’s start with the Birmingham Barons, the White Sox’ AA team.  Here is their status line.

-65.6 -20.7 297 395 33 54 -7.6 -3.9 Birmingham_Barons_CHA  7/11/2017

BAT awful, PITCH awful but less awful,  Unearned Runs above average awful.  This team is a mess …and their top players.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos
+075+ 1.95 Jordan_Stephens_CHA PITCH
+177+ 1.20 Jordan_Guerrero_CHA PITCH
XXXXX 0.63 Will_Lamb_CHA PITCH
XXXXX 0.57 Aaron_Bummer_CHA PITCH
XXXXX 0.50 Robin_Leyer_CHA PITCH
XXXXX 0.32 Spencer_Adams_CHA PITCH
XXXXX 0.32 Connor_Walsh_CHA PITCH
XXXXX 0.32 Colton_Turner_CHA PITCH

Yikes!  This is bad.  Their top guy a pitcher ranked #75 and only two players in top 200. Those are all the players playing above AA average for their entire team and they’re all pitchers.

Maybe the AAA team isn’t that bad.  Let’s look at their AAA team,  Charlotte Knights.

-41.3 -11.1 364 429 36 48 -12.3 -0.2 Charlotte_Knights_CHA  7/6/2017

This is like their AA team above.  Terrible.  That UR=-12.3 means they are making a lot of errors that lead to runs.  This is how baseball teams lose.  Fielding is important and counting unearned runs is the only true measure of fielding at a team level.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos
+059+ 2.23 Brad_Goldberg_CHA PITCH
+157+ 1.41 Juan_Minaya_CHA PITCH
XXXXX 1.20 Cody_Asche_CHA BAT
XXXXX 1.11 Reynaldo_Lopez_CHA PITCH
XXXXX 1.03 Brian_Clark_CHA PITCH
XXXXX 1.01 Kevan_Smith_CHA BAT
XXXXX 1.01 David_Holmberg_CHA PITCH
XXXXX 0.97 Greg_Infante_CHA PITCH
XXXXX 0.69 Matt_Purke_CHA PITCH
XXXXX 0.61 Willy_Garcia_CHA BAT
XXXXX 0.44 Chris_Beck_CHA PITCH
XXXXX 0.44 James_Shields_CHA PITCH

Again, just like their AA team.  Only two players in top 200 out of all 30 MLB AAA affiliates.

The guys the White Sox acquired from the Cubs will be A or A+ and we haven’t done those leagues yet, maybe later in the season.   Hopefully they got good prospects with the Sale and Eaton trades.  If the White Sox have good teams in A and A+ then those players will filter up through their AA and AAA systems and then hopefully onto their MLB team.  A baseball team consists of 25 players who all must contribute in order to win a World Series.  The Cubs had winning minor league teams when Baez, Hendricks, and Bryant were coming up.