Cubs make a trade

Apparently the Cubs just traded minor leaguer Jeimer Candelario to DET for reliver Justin Wilson and catcher Alex Avila.  Let’s look at their careers so far.

Year WAA Name_TeamID Pos Rank
2012 0.2 Justin_Wilson_PIT PITCH XXXXX
2013 3.0 Justin_Wilson_PIT PITCH +089+
2014 -0.7 Justin_Wilson_PIT PITCH XXXXX
2015 1.2 Justin_Wilson_NYA PITCH XXXXX
2016 0.1 Justin_Wilson_DET PITCH XXXXX
2017 1.7 Justin_Wilson_DET PITCH +155+
Total 5.5

Justin had a career year in 2013 so that’s his upside potential.  At +5.5 he’s a solid acquisition and he is pitching well this season ranked #155.  He’s still young and will be pitching for a future contract.

Year WAA Name_TeamID Pos Rank
2009 0.7 Alex_Avila_DET CR XXXXX
2010 -1.5 Alex_Avila_DET CR -197-
2011 2.6 Alex_Avila_DET CR +110+
2012 -0.7 Alex_Avila_DET CR XXXXX
2013 0.8 Alex_Avila_DET CR XXXXX
2014 -0.4 Alex_Avila_DET CR XXXXX
2015 -1.4 Alex_Avila_DET CR-1B -188-
2016 -1.9 Alex_Avila_CHA CR -137-
2017 -0.2 Alex_Avila_DET CR-1B XXXXX
Total -2.0

The Cubs needed help in catching and Avila can also play 1B which is a plus because that means Maddon can rest Rizzo every now and then.  He’s a slightly below average hitter but that doesn’t matter if he can catch and we don’t have a model to evaluate that.  He’s a veteran and has been in the league for 8+ years.  The Cubs need some experience behind the plate and that takes pressure off Contreras who is having a very good year hitting.

The guy the Cubs gave up played for Iowa. Here are his stats so far this season.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos WinPct
XXXXX 0.86 Jeimer_Candelario_CHN BAT 0.563

He’s above average with a decent WinPct for Iowa.    We don’t have data on his previous seasons in AA or A+.   He had 36 plate appearances for the MLB Cubs but that isn’t enough to make any kind of evaluation.  Trade seems good and even though the Cubs have a top tier relief staff, you can never have enough pitchers.