Leonys Martin

Cubs just acquired Leonys Martin from Seattle, the same team that sent over Mike Mongomery last season which worked out well.  Seattle just acquired Mike Leake from SLN because they’re in the hunt for a wild card only 3.5 games behind MIN.  I don’t know how this waivers system works but let’s look at Leonys Martin’s MLB career so far.

Year WAA Name_TeamID Pos Rank
2011 0.0 Leonys_Martin_TEX X XXXXX
2012 0.1 Leonys_Martin_TEX CF XXXXX
2013 0.7 Leonys_Martin_TEX CF-RF XXXXX
2014 -1.7 Leonys_Martin_TEX CF -137-
2015 -1.7 Leonys_Martin_TEX CF -142-
2016 -1.3 Leonys_Martin_SEA CF XXXXX
2017 -0.9 Leonys_Martin_SEA CF-RF XXXXX
Total -4.8

This season has been his 7th year in MLB.   Overall below average but the above is his offensive abilities and I read he’s a defense guy and a speed guy which can be valuable  as a pinch runner and to run down fly balls late in close games.   Maddon probably won’t use him as a pinch hitter unless he has no other choice.

Here is Martin’s full line this season and his AAA line.

Rank WAA BA OBP PA RBI R Name_TeamID Pos
XXXXX 1.11 0.312 0.352 372 39 62 Leonys_Martin_SEA BAT aaa
XXXXX -0.94 0.174 0.221 122 8 12 Leonys_Martin_SEA CF-RF mlb

He’s unranked but at least hit above average in AAA.   <anti jinx on> We may see him in October if eligible. <anti jinx off>

Edit: My comment that we may see Martin in the playoffs was in reference to a roster move Joe Maddon made in 2015 by adding Quintin Berry to the NLCS playoff roster.  I never heard of him  when it was announced.    Maddon pulled Berry from AAA for no other reason than he was fast and Maddon wants a fast guy in his tool chest for close playoff games.  You can see the 2015 Cubs’ NLCS roster here and peruse Quintin’s short baseball career here.  When I heard about the acquisition of Martin it reminded me of 2015 and what Maddon must be planning for these upcoming playoffs.