ALCS Game 4

Yankees are now tied 2-2 with the Astros in ALCS and today is game 4 of that series.  Here is what the Ouija Board says:

DATE 10_18 5:00_PM HOU NYA
LINEAWAY HOU [ 0.545 ] < 0.519 >
STARTAWAY 4.87(0.650) Dallas_Keuchel_HOU
LINEHOME NYA [ 0.476 ] < 0.505 >
STARTHOME -1.72(0.457) Masahiro_Tanaka_NYA

As we mentioned before in ALCS game 1 Masahiro Tanaka has a solid career in MLB and Japan Pacific League but not so good this year.  Tanaka pitched well in game 1 as well as Keuchel.  Both NYA and HOU have Tier 1 lineups.  Today HOU has a starter advantage looking at raw numbers and NYA has a clear relief advantage.  HOU relief lost them game 3 yesterday and from our value chart they were tied with MIN for worst relief of all 10 teams in the 2017 playoffs.

This looks like an even steven game which is where the betting market is right now.  If you think Tanaka will pitch like last season Tanaka then NYA are clear favorites based on the disparity in relief value between the two teams.

Anyway, that is all for today.  Cubs are down 0-3 and it’s very rare a team ever comes back from that in a seven game series in any sport.  The Cubs may play to win one for Joe today or they may want to let this series end tonight and put us out of our misery.  Here is their current line.

DATE 10_18 9:00_PM LAN CHN
LINEAWAY LAN [ 0.495 ] < 0.524 >
STARTAWAY 5.77(0.671) Alex_Wood_LAN
LINEHOME CHN [ 0.528 ] < 0.524 >
STARTHOME 3.17(0.585) Jake_Arrieta_CHN

Even the line doesn’t know how to bet this game.   As someone said at the local pub last night, after NLDS game 5 the Cubs are playing on House money.  We have nothing to be sad about.

This blog may go silent for awhile.  There’s a lot of code to write and finish for next season.  Until then….