Another baseball season soon starts anew…

…and I have done very little in the off season.   This model and handicapping needs data which means no real player analysis until May.  The betting markets start on day one so someone might have the percentages worked out.

In this model everyone starts a new season at 0.  Clayton Kershaw is ranked equal to the worst player you can imagine still on an MLB active roster.   We need data to separate them but it is possible to use career data for the first month.  There might be a way of incorporating career potential into handicapping.  In the beginning of the season all we know is career data.  By the end of the season a player needs to be judged by what have you done for me lately stats.

As soon as the rosters come out I will post a table like what was done for the playoffs.  The simulations need to be finished as well but we have until May for that.  Until then….