2018 Playoff Horse Race Part 5

This playoff horse race edition features playoff rosters for the 8 teams left in NLDS and ALDS.

Update 10/6/2018:  Due to a bug in a script the below table is not entirely correct.  MIL has better starting pitching which led to finding what led to this bug.  Ironically it was Addison Russell.


See that little cross they added which references that he was suspended?  That barfed a script and it failed over by not failing so I didn’t know about it until I looked into why MIL starters was so low.  Part 6 will have the corrected table.  Most of it will look the same.

</end of Update>

TeamID W-L Total Hitters Pitchers Starters Relief
HOU 44 44.3 15.1 29.2 20.5 8.7
BOS 54 43.7 28.8 14.9 9.8 5.1
LAN 21 38.0 18.0 20.0 11.4 8.6
NYA 38 34.5 24.0 10.5 -0.8 11.3
CLE 20 34.1 21.2 12.9 15.9 -3.0
ATL 18 28.8 12.3 16.5 11.2 5.3
MIL 29 25.7 12.2 13.4 2.5 11.0
COL 19 20.8 17.3 3.4 -0.3 3.7

Boston and Yankees have the two best hitting squads.  Today they are each fielding +27 lineups.   Houston’s ALDS Total playoff roster tops MLB  with BOS in a virtual tie.  Dodgers, who led during September expanded rosters, drop to third.  Colorado and Milwaukee bring up the rear with one of those teams guaranteed to advance.

There was some problems with data sources post regular season that seem to have been resolved.  May post simulation results with Expected Value tomorrow for all games in a single table.  So far home teams seem over valued by the market which means there may be home field advantage considerations for playoff season that need to be studied.  More on this later.  Until then ….