Minor Leagues: Part 4 AA (Correction)

Cubs AAA file got mixed up with their AA file and I didn’t pay enough attention to this when writing Part 1 when I should have.  I discovered it recently when looking up David Bote who somehow had AA stats but didn’t play in AA this season.  Let’s do a revised report on the Tennessee Smokies.

2018 Tennessee Smokies Corrected

-50.8 13.6 562 583 67 71 16.2 0.1 Tennessee_Smokies_CHN

BAT very under water but pitch slightly above average for the year.  Unearned Runs above average very high at +16.2.  Overall, the team played around average for the season

Top Smokies

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos WinPct
+070+ 2.48 Zach_Hedges_CHN PITCH 0.678
+115+ 2.10 Duncan_Robinson_CHN PITCH 0.572
+168+ 1.66 Dakota_Mekkes_CHN PITCH 0.835
+198+ 1.49 Trevor_Clifton_CHN PITCH 0.618
XXXXX 1.45 Jason_Vosler_CHN BAT 0.599
XXXXX 1.16 James_Norwood_CHN PITCH 0.660
XXXXX 0.88 Trey_Martin_CHN BAT 0.563
XXXXX 0.82 Michael_Rucker_CHN PITCH 0.528
XXXXX 0.69 Craig_Brooks_CHN PITCH 0.603
XXXXX 0.63 Zack_Short_CHN BAT 0.523
XXXXX 0.61 Brad_Markey_CHN PITCH 0.750

Perhaps we’ll see some of the above playing for the MLB Cubs next season at some point.

That is all.  I should have caught this but didn’t and it doesn’t matter now anyway.  The White Sox and top AA players list is correct, only the Cubs file was in error.  World Series reports coming tomorrow and that data flow is pretty solid now after running through many issues of its own.  Until then ….