ALDS Game 5

Update Post Game:  Astros won this game and play the Yankees in ALCS.  A data flow error has been discovered in Lineup tier calculations for all playoff games this year.  HOU below has a maxed out tier 4.00 lineup at +27 tonight and Ray’s lineup was around -0.5 tier number, not -1.59 shown in below table.

As games completed standard deviations were calculated using past playoff lineups when they should have been using the end of September regular season set of lineups.  The error got worse as more playoff games polluted the  lineup dataset, by raising league averages significantly.  This depressed both home and away L tier numbers.  The resultant simulation % estimation  didn’t change much in the below game however.  League championship  tier numbers will be calculated the way they should.

When this season is  in the books, when releases event data, all this gets recalculated anyway for the historical dataset.  Right now we’re working off current year data which uses a different set of scripts to keep track of everything.

End of update

ALDS Game 5 tonight.  Washington beat Dodgers last night which makes NLCS interesting.

TBA HOU 10_10_7:07_PM

WAA Vegas TC Sim EV L S R
TBA 30 0.294 0.340 X -1.59 1.61 1.72
HOU 52 0.737 0.660 X 2.75 4.00 3.46

Vegas has Houston almost 3-1 favorites, TC Sim almost 2-1.  Lineujp value taken from last game.  HOU usually fields a max 4.00 lineup so that and home field advantage should push things up for them with TC Sim.

Starters WAA WinPct IP Tier
Tyler_Glasnow_TBA 3.74 0.777 60.7 1.61
Gerrit_Cole_HOU 9.64 0.704 212.3 4.00

This model has Cole ranked #2 behind Verlander.  WAR has him ranked #10.  Glasnow has a very high Win Percentage based on only 60 innings pitched.  Tiering is done on raw WAA not rates like Win Percentage.

That’s all for now.  Next up some historical playoff numbers to put these two series into perspective.  Until then ….