Update 4/24/2019

Under normal conditions we would be one week away from showing player rankings. Rosters would be available to talk about and Part 1 of playoff horse race would have already been published using 3 year split data.

Unfortunately none of that has happened or most likely will happen this year. It’s difficult to work on this when there isn’t a stream of live data to deal with. Off season projects of rebooting the simulator and moving everything into a formal database is almost complete — albeit nothing ever completes in these kind of projects.

The White Sox looked to have a very good team this year according to this data model based upon some of their off season moves. Since we don’t have roster data there isn’t any way to measure and show that.

As for the Cubs, I don’t know. Right about now we would be doing the first Cubs status for this season. If they get baseball season started at training camps we’ll start collecting data and doing reports. Until then ….