1984 All Star Picks Part 1

Today Cubs close out the Pittsburgh series by beating them 8-7 in another opposite of a pitching duel game with Rueschel giving up 5 runs in 5 IP and Lee Smith blowing a save in the ninth allowing PIT to tie.

All Star game coming up on July 10th so let’s look at the top players in each position based upon this data model and compare them to players fans picked. In Part 1 we’ll cover the 4 infield positions, 1B , 2B , 3B , and SS.

First Base

Rank WAA Name TeamID Pos
+003+ 3.97 Leon_Durham CHN 1B
+009+ 3.76 Eddie_Murray BAL 1B
+010+ 3.74 Willie_Upshaw TOR 1B
+017+ 3.25 Alvin_Davis SEA 1B
+029+ 2.79 Don_Mattingly NYA 1B-LF
+082+ 1.68 Barbaro_Garbey DET 1B-3B-DH
+099+ 1.45 Tim_Corcoran PHI 1B-RF
+116+ 1.28 Kent_Hrbek MIN 1B
XXXXX 1.13 Len_Matuszek PHI 1B
XXXXX 1.09 Gerald_Perry ATL 1B-LF

This model picks Leon Durham and Eddie Murray highlighted above in bold blue for NL, bold red  for AL.  For this exercise we’ll use this list on Wikipedia.  Survey says: Rod Carew for AL, Steve Garvey for NL.  Neither player is in the top ten list above according to this data model.  Both players are unranked at this point in the season.

Starters are voted on by fans with real hand punched hanging chad paper ballots.  Both Carew and Garvey are near the end of great careers so name recognition prevailed here.

Eddie Murray and Mattingly make the reserves.

Second Base

Rank WAA Name TeamID Pos
+028+ 2.81 Ryne_Sandberg CHN 2B
XXXXX 1.24 Joe_Morgan OAK 2B
XXXXX 1.18 Juan_Samuel PHI 2B
XXXXX 0.76 Lou_Whitaker DET 2B
XXXXX 0.71 Tim_Flannery SDN 2B-3B-SS
XXXXX 0.71 Tim_Teufel MIN 2B
XXXXX 0.57 Jerry_Royster ATL 2B-3B-SS-LF
XXXXX 0.46 Alan_Bannister TEX 2B-DH
XXXXX 0.4 Glenn_Hubbard ATL 2B
XXXXX 0.17 Alan_Bannister TOT 2B-DH

The people pick Lou Whitaker for AL, Ryno for NL.

Third Base

Rank WAA Name TeamID Pos
+012+ 3.65 Mike_Schmidt PHI 3B
+054+ 2.1 Wayne_Gross BAL 3B
+060+ 1.97 Ron_Cey CHN 3B
+107+ 1.39 Howard_Johnson DET 3B
XXXXX 0.88 Bob_Horner ATL 3B
XXXXX 0.8 Graig_Nettles SDN 3B
XXXXX 0.73 Pedro_Guerrero LAN 3B-RF-CF-1B
XXXXX 0.55 Richie_Hebner CHN 3B
XXXXX 0.4 George_Brett KCA 3B
XXXXX 0.4 Nick_Esasky CIN 3B-1B

Schmidt gets the nod for NL, Brett for AL.  


Rank WAA Name TeamID Pos
+038+ 2.46 Cal_Ripken BAL SS
+048+ 2.25 Alan_Trammell DET SS-DH
XXXXX 0.5 Mario_Ramirez SDN SS
XXXXX 0.13 Robin_Yount MIL SS-DH
XXXXX 0.08 Tom_Foley CIN SS-2B
XXXXX 0.06 Spike_Owen SEA SS
XXXXX 0.04 Jerry_Dybzinski CHA SS-3B
XXXXX 0.02 Dave_Owen CHN SS
XXXXX 0 Lenny_Faedo MIN SS

Fans pick Cal Ripken of course for AL and Ozzie Smith for NL.

This is still early in the season.  Only 96 118 of  787 players are rank eligible but fans must choose who they think is best with less than 1/2 season of data.  In Part 2 we’ll look at Catcher and outfield positions and Part 3 we’ll cover pitchers. 

Tomorrow Cubs start a series with the Dodgers which will be next matchup post.  Until then …