1984 All Star Picks Part 2

The All Star game on July 10 is fast approaching so let’s continue with our picks for Catcher and outfield. Starting and relief pitching will be covered in Part 3.


Rank WAA Name TeamID Pos
+020+ 3.15 Jody_Davis CHN CR
+062+ 2.08 Lance_Parrish DET CR-DH
+068+ 1.99 Ozzie_Virgil PHI CR
+077+ 1.81 Gary_Carter WAS CR
+110+ 1.47 Dave_Engle MIN CR-DH
+132+ 1.3 Bob_Brenly SFN CR-1B
+134+ 1.26 Chris_Bando CLE CR
XXXXX 1.07 Darrell_Porter SLN CR
XXXXX 0.86 Alex_Trevino TOT CR
XXXXX 0.71 Jerry_Willard CLE CR
XXXXX 0.65 Floyd_Rayford BAL CR-3B

The people pick Lance Parrish for AL, Gary Carter for NL.   The WAS franchise played baseball as the Montreal Expos in 1984.  This was Carter’s last season with Expos before the Mets (NYN) acquire him in 1985.

Jody Davis and Bob Brenly make the reserves.

Left Field

Rank WAA Name TeamID Pos
+007+ 3.84 Jim_Rice BOS LF
+037+ 2.77 Ron_Kittle CHA LF
+043+ 2.56 Rickey_Henderson OAK LF
+045+ 2.5 Gary_Matthews CHN LF
+058+ 2.16 Jose_Cruz HOU LF
+073+ 1.87 Mel_Hall TOT LF
+102+ 1.55 Mike_Marshall LAN LF-1B
+121+ 1.39 Duane_Walker CIN LF-CF
+127+ 1.34 Cesar_Cedeno CIN LF-1B-RF-CF
XXXXX 0.94 Ruppert_Jones DET LF-CF

I think voters pick 3 outfielders and top three make the starters cut.  Can’t remember how it was done in 1984 but the Wikipedia site lists LF, CF, and RF separately so we’ll do that here as well.

Tony Gwynn gets the nod for NL,  Dave Winfield for AL.  This model has Gwynn and Winfield playing primarily right field, whatever.

Jim Rice and Ricky Henderson make the reserves.

Center Field

Rank WAA Name TeamID Pos
+012+ 3.59 Tony_Armas BOS CF-DH
+029+ 2.94 Chet_Lemon DET CF
+028+ 2.94 Lloyd_Moseby TOR CF
+031+ 2.9 Dwayne_Murphy OAK CF
+035+ 2.79 Dale_Murphy ATL CF
+115+ 1.45 Jerry_Mumphrey HOU CF
XXXXX 1.11 Bob_Dernier CHN CF
XXXXX 1.11 Kevin_McReynolds SDN CF
XXXXX 1.09 Chili_Davis SFN CF-RF
XXXXX 0.94 Dan_Gladden SFN CF

The people pick Chet Lemon for AL, Dale Murphy for NL, both of whom actually play center field primarily.  Tony Armas makes the reserves.

Right Field

Rank WAA Name TeamID Pos
+013+ 3.51 Dave_Winfield NYA RF-CF
+023+ 3.02 Kirk_Gibson DET RF
+039+ 2.75 Dwight_Evans BOS RF
+044+ 2.54 Larry_Parrish TEX RF-DH-3B
+050+ 2.42 Jack_Clark SFN RF
+052+ 2.35 Claudell_Washington ATL RF
+072+ 1.89 Carmelo_Castillo CLE RF
+090+ 1.7 Dave_Parker CIN RF
+096+ 1.62 Jesse_Barfield TOR RF
+100+ 1.55 Rusty_Kuntz DET RF-CF-LF-DH

Reggie Jackson is the AL pick and Darryl Starwberry for NL.  Jackson is ranked #113 at this point of the season and on the tail end of a fantastic career.  Winfield was chosen for left field.

Right now Darryl Strawberry is unranked with a WAA=0.13 or about completely average.  He’s coming off a great 1983 rookie season and the Mets are playing well and have a lot of fans who vote. Strawberry has a stellar second half of this season finishing 1984 ranked #43 which will be his career season until 1985 when he ranks even higher.

Starters and relievers coming in Part 3.  A bug that didn’t tag position correctly in the database affecting a few players  was discovered by making this post which is why we do this.   Gary Carter had to be inserted manually but I think he’s the only top guy affected.  

The clickable baseball-handbook.com website will allow viewing these kind of sorts for any day, any year so it’s important the database it draws from is clean.

Cubs finish their west coast trip with a series against the Giants starting 7/5.  Until then ….