The very first draft of is up and running. This will be a work in progress from now until eternity but the next few months will show the greatest improvement.

Right now careers are working well. The Today tab which will show current data will take awhile before we actually get enough current data. It is currently evaluating lineups, starters, and relief using 2017,2018, and 2019 cumulative data.

We’re currently 23 days into this season with 264 games played, 39 not played, with 17 of those involving the Cardinals. This is not normal. It is usually assumed most teams and players are around the same playing time which isn’t the case this season and could affect the way these averages work — still not sure.

The Today tab currently lists all current Vegas odds with team strengths for each game and soon will have links to rosters and all games played this season so far and to come. Stay tuned as this site develops over the next few months.

The 1984 Houston series was skipped and we’ll resume when the Cubs host the Reds on 8/17. Until then ….