Tim Tebow Retires From Baseball

Determined to continue as a professional athlete, Tebow signed with the Mets in the fall of 2016. To Tebow’s credit, he reached the Triple-A level with the organization in 2019. However, he struggled to a .163/.240/.255 line with four home runs in 264 plate appearances there. Tebow ultimately put up a .223/.299/.338 line with 18 HRs in 1,048 trips to the plate in the minors.

Source: Tim Tebow Retires From Baseball – MLB Trade Rumors

This caught my eye because I had no idea Tim Tebow was playing prefessional baseball.  He didn’t show up on any MLB roster after a quick search using the career tab on baseball-handbook.com.  Entering his name into the minor league box produced some results.

Tim Tebow Minor and MLB Career

Year Rank WAA TeamID Pos Win% League Age
2017 XXXXX -0.27 NYN BAT 0.481 a 29
2017 XXXXX -0.08 NYN BAT 0.493 aplus 29
2018 XXXXX 0.06 NYN BAT 0.503 aa 30
2019 -057- -3.28 NYN BAT 0.286 aaa 31

If he played a single game in MLB that record would show up here.  In 2019 at age 31 he was ranked #57 in the bottom 200 at AAA level which is very bad.  He did OK at an almost completely average pace in 2017 and 2018.  Playing average at those levels does not bode well for a player expecting to make it onto an MLB team at some point.

Had there been normal baseball in 2020 with a minor league season he might have figured out triple-a but probably not.  Based on his 2019 numbers  the Mets don’t want to waste time on him.  He could have tried out in Japan or Korea, countries that played pro baseball in 2020, but he probably wouldn’t make those squads either based on his 2019 results.

Apparently there might be a normal baseball season this year.  Since the local bars around here are stuck with Comcast us north side Cubs fans will probably be stuck watching the White Sox with our $3 PBR pints.  Still can follow the Cubs on MLB gameday but that’s not as much fun.  White Sox look to have a good team this year so this blog will be covering them too.

The Baseball Handbook site will be undergoing a major reorg as I’m learning about canonical links and SEO.  Since there are so many crisscrossed  linked pages on that site there needs to be order to the madness.  Some D3.js player and team graphs are up as well as more accurate historical rosters.  Many database and coding errors were discovered in the process of generating these graphs.  This will make the the Tier Combo simulator more accurate as it relies on historical results to generate an expected probability.

Much more to come this year.  Until then ….