Spring Training Update

Since this is technically a log book I should be writing development notes here but have not kept up. The baseball-handbook.com site has now been running daily Spring Training updates. Cubs are playing well so far BTW. The site has also been upgraded to https from http using the help from the awsome Let’s Encrypt folks

All the current year code that processes source data had to be rewritten because everything runs off the database now. The current year database is very similar to the historical year databases. In past years current year data was stored in text files because that was easy and allowed for great flexibility in making changes. Since building the historical databases from 1900 – present the yearly organization and table schemas now work very well.

This season complete box scores as well as handicapping info will be easily accessible for every game just like they are in the historical dataset. This was made possible through developing the code base to manage the historical database during this off season.

This site will continue with Horse Race posts, Cubs Status reports, and various other musings like past seasons. In the past these reports were the only view into this data model. Now all this information can be retrieved for any team for any day.

Since the White Sox have gotten much better and look to be a real contender this season, they’ll be covered here as well with the Cubs.

Since my local bar won’t get Marquis network it appears I’ll be stuck watching White Sox games this season in a bar on the North Side of Chicago! Fortunately we can still follow the Cubbies on MLB gameday and AM radio still works around here. I like Steve Stone however. Cubs should have never gotten rid of him.

More to come this season. Until then ….