What is this site?

This site strives to provide a simple way to access baseball information about seasons, games, players, and teams. All games in every season and post season from 1903 to present can be found quickly and presented in a simple format.

This is not a stat site. Typical baseball stat sites present readers with large tables of numbers. There are no large tables of numbers here. If you want to know who hit the most home runs in 2006 go here. Baseball-reference is a great site and has everything a stat head needs. The only player stat this model ranks is the value stat WAA and WAR for comparison.

The main menu divides into four parts; Today, Careers, Seasons, Minors. Today shows the list of games for today during the regular season. Today is not visible in the off season.

Clicking Careers brings up a search box to lookup any baseball player who played past 1900. Players like Cy Young who played half their career in the 1800s are included. Below is a search box for minor leagues with coverage between 2008-present. During regular season many new players will not have MLB career records but will have a minor league history.

The Seasons button brings up the standings view for the default season. Entering a year in the Choose a Season box brings up the end of year standings for that season. From there you can click on a Choose a Day to bring up a list of games for that day.

The Minors button brings up a list of AAA teams for the default year. If before 2008 it will bring up the last full year played. From here you can change to the following supported leagues: AA, A+, A, Japan, and Korea.

A typical regular season use case is going to a baseball game and wanting to learn about players on the other team and if you don’t follow baseball closely, the players on your team. When you enter baseball-handbook.com you default on the Today view which lists all MLB games for that day. Choose details to see handicapping by this model and what the consensus handicapping by Las Vegas thinks. Choose a team link to see the current team roster where you can drill down on each player to see their seasonal trajectory and how they size up with respect to the rest of the league according to this data model. Game lineups and starters are shown when they become available.

Suppose you had an argument about the first game of a double header you went to at Wrigley between the Cubs and Expos sometime in June or July 1977. How would you begin to find this with Google?

Click Seasons, enter 1977, click on CHN or WAS in the Standings view, click Schedule, scroll down and you’ll find the first game of the double header on 7/4/77. From there you can bring up box scores, handicapping, and who’s who for each game. You can also bring up game events should the argument center around who hit that home run against whom.

Currently the user experience for this site is a work in progress but the data is mostly sound.