The Normal standings view generated by this data model displays order by division according to wins and losses along with a glimpse into team strength or weakness with regard to hitting, pitching, and fielding.

To see detailed team information click on a team link. W and L columns are simply wins and losses which are the only stats in baseball that matter.

BAT, PITCH, and UR columns are measured in runs above average as follows:

BAT = Tm_Runs_ScoredAvg_Team_Runs_Scored

PITCH = Avg_Tm_Runs_AgainstTm_Runs_AgainstUR

UR = Avg_Tm_Unearned_RunsTm_Unearned_Runs


WAA is simply team wins minus team losses. PEWAA is WAA calculated based upon the Pythagorean Expectation formula.  dPE is the difference between real wins and losses and the estimation based upon run differential.  A positive value represents number of games that team has won more than PE estimates, negative is number of games lost more than run differential suggests.

BAT relates to team hitting, PITCH to team pitching, and UR to team fielding. A positive number means above average for that that category, negative, below league average.

All standing views are color coded. Two shades of background green means best and second best, red means worst and second worst in that category.

The internal menu links from this view bring you to either Vegas,or the MLB Horse Race view ( displayed after June 1 ).  Each of these views has their own About explanation.