This is the Today view showing all games for the current day.  This view is only available during regular and post season when games are being played.

The first column shows the Time with a details link. Clicking  time of game brings you to MLB Gameday  provided by mlb.com.  The details link sends you to a view showing more handicapping info specific to that game.

The next column shows Team Identifiers as defined by this data model.  Clicking those links sends you to a lineup page for that game.  The option buttons select  teams to calculate Parlays based upon the current  lines advertised by various  casinos.   Clicking the Parlay button when finished shows you the results of your selection which may or may not coincide with packages offered by those casinos.

The Tier column shows a variance calculated for each starting pitcher.  Variances are based upon a set of 150 current starting pitchers over 30 teams.  For seasons less than 30 teams the limit is set at 5X(number of teams).  Tier numbers are used to calculate Tier Combo integers used in simulation.  This is shown in more detail in the Details view..

Starter name along with which arm they throw from is listed in the next column.

The Vegas column shows a break even probability derived from the lines nomenclature all casinos display.  A probability is much easier to visualize than a +/- number.  For example, a line of 100 means an even steven bet like a flip of a coin.  The break even for an even bet is 0.500 or 50%.  If you bet this an infinite number of times you will break even if you think the probability of that team winning is 50%.  If you think that team has a 60% chance of winning you will make money.  If you think that team has a 40% chance of winning you would lose or be better off not betting.

A line of +200 is a break even probability of 0.333 or 33% and a line of -200 is 0.667 or 67%.  If you think your team is higher than the break even probability you’ll make money betting that game.  If less, you don’t bet.

NOTE: If you add the Vegas break even win probabilities of away team with the home team it should add to 1 but it is always more.  The excess is the house cut.  This cut was raised significantly starting with the 2022 season and almost impossible to notice just looking at the published +/- lines.

The hard part is figuring out what the actual win percentage is for each team in each game.  This data model uses a simulator to calculate a win percentage based upon the strength of lineups, starter, relief, and home/away advantage.  The TC column shows a rough simulation result. More context is displayed in the details view.