This table shows the top 15 teams sorted by highest W-L which is real team WAA. Total column represents sum of WAA for Hitters, Starters, and Relief based upon rosters for that day or playoff series.

dPE  ( delta Pythagorean Expectation ) is the difference between real Wins minus  Losses and the estimation based upon run differential. A positive value represents number of games that team has won more than PE estimates, negative is number of games lost more than run differential suggests.

Team ID links to detailed roster list.

Unearned Runs Above average (UR) column shows how much a team gives up runs to errors in units of runs above average. All other columns are Wins Above Average (WAA or Wins minus Losses).

Due to injury, trades, etc., the numbers in this table may deviate somewhat from what one would expect looking at BAT and PITCH in team status.