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Jen-Ho Tseng

Here is what we said during a Tennessee Smokies status report on Aug 16.

Jen Ho Tseng went from aa to aaa and is pitching well for Iowa right now.  We’ll see if the MLB Cubs try him out in September.

And tonight he starts in Wrigley Field against the Mets.  What does the Ouija Board think of this?

DATE 09_14 8:05_PM NYN CHN
LINEAWAY NYN [ 0.357 ] < 0.312 >
STARTAWAY -0.46(0.475) Seth_Lugo_NYN
LINEHOME CHN [ 0.683 ] < 0.722 >
STARTHOME 0.00(NA) Jen-Ho_Tseng_CHN

Cubs have an expected probability of 0.72.  According to our deltaWAA table  the Cubs should be at 0.65 so there are other factors involved pushing the line more towards the Cubs.  The NA in parenthesis means we have no MLB stats on Jen-Ho Tseng and we can’t use AAA or AA stats which were good.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos  Win%
+096+ 2.12 Jen-Ho_Tseng_CHN PITCH 0.606 aa
+169+ 1.68 Jen-Ho_Tseng_CHN PITCH 0.752 aaa

In the minors we add Win% showing the rate.  Jen-Ho Tseng split the season in AA and AAA and still made top 200 in both leagues.  The rate shows he played even better in Iowa.  The above is data from our August 16 report.

Good luck to Tseng tonight.  The Cubs will need more good pitchers next season.   You can’t have too many pitchers.

Myrtle Beach Pelicans

Today we’ll look at the state of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, the Cubs A+ minor league team.  This will be the last of minor league reports until perhaps the off season.  Below are team statuses from today and the last time we did this on July 16.

4.2 19.3 401 385 51 40 -10.6 3.4 Myrtle_Beach_Pelicans_CHN 7/16/2017
-7.8 17.4 551 543 69 60 -8.4 6.9 Myrtle_Beach_Pelicans_CHN 8/24/2017

BAT went down and PITCH is about even and the Pelicans went 18-20 losing two games.  Let’s look at their top players.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos WinPct
+030+ 3.07 Michael_Rucker_CHN PITCH 0.666
+050+ 2.58 Pedro_Araujo_CHN PITCH 0.696
+078+ 2.29 Dakota_Mekkes_CHN PITCH 0.776
+096+ 2.12 Justin_Steele_CHN PITCH 0.597
+120+ 1.74 Eloy_Jimenez_CHN BAT 0.692
+164+ 1.66 Adbert_Alzolay_CHN PITCH 0.591
+165+ 1.66 Duncan_Robinson_CHN PITCH 0.688
+169+ 1.64 Bryant_Flete_CHN BAT 0.605
+177+ 1.62 Craig_Brooks_CHN PITCH 0.859
XXXXX 1.39 James_Norwood_CHN PITCH 0.660
XXXXX 1.34 Eddy_Martinez_CHN BAT 0.556
XXXXX 1.34 Dillon_Maples_CHN PITCH 0.693
XXXXX 1.24 Matt_Rose_CHN BAT 0.594

This starts to get complicated later in the season when so many players move around.  The players highlighted in tan were traded to the White Sox for Jose Quintana.  Their WAAs for CHN are frozen and they have a new entry for CHA.   Here are their lines with both teams.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos WinPct
+120+ 1.95 Eloy_Jimenez_CHA BAT 0.807
+120+ 1.74 Eloy_Jimenez_CHN BAT 0.692
+169+ 1.64 Bryant_Flete_CHN BAT 0.605
+169+ -1.11 Bryant_Flete_CHA BAT 0.362
XXXXX 1.24 Matt_Rose_CHN BAT 0.594
XXXXX 1.07 Matt_Rose_CHA BAT 0.694

The Ranking algorithm currently treats all player entries as separate.  It should add the two WAA values but these minor league scripts have been cobbled together and don’t do that yet.  The WinPct is the important column in this table and you can see Eloy Jimenez and Matt Rose have turned on the juice after moving to the White Sox.    Bryant Flete posted negative value since moving over.

The names in green in the Cubs’ table are those players who were promoted to AA.   All players in that table have decent WinPct numbers showing they are hitting or pitching well above average in A+ right now.  We don’t have access to minor league rosters.   The above are historical data.

Below are the top White Sox players in their Winston-Salem Dash A+ team

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos WinPct
+069+ 2.37 Louie_Lechich_CHA PITCH 0.691
+070+ 2.37 Ian_Hamilton_CHA PITCH 0.728
+119+ 1.95 Seby_Zavala_CHA BAT 0.703
+120+ 1.95 Eloy_Jimenez_CHA BAT 0.807
+149+ 1.74 Tanner_Banks_CHA PITCH 0.591
+178+ 1.60 Zack_Collins_CHA BAT 0.572
XXXXX 1.34 Alec_Hansen_CHA PITCH 0.603

Not sure who any of these players are other than Eloy Jimenez.    Now let’s look at the top 25 ranked players in A+.  These top players played long enough in A+ to accumulate value.  It doesn’t necessarily mean they are top prospects.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos WinPct
+001+ 6.34 Wes_Rogers_COL BAT 0.756
+002+ 6.03 Sam_Hilliard_COL BAT 0.713
+003+ 5.29 Michael_Chavis_BOS BAT 0.906
+004+ 5.19 Yonathan_Daza_COL BAT 0.692
+005+ 5.17 Garrett_Hampson_COL BAT 0.678
+006+ 5.17 Seth_Brown_OAK BAT 0.688
+007+ 4.83 Luke_Raley_LAN BAT 0.688
+008+ 4.64 DJ_Peters_LAN BAT 0.665
+009+ 4.51 Ibandel_Isabel_LAN BAT 0.692
+010+ 4.47 Brendan_Rodgers_COL BAT 0.887
+011+ 4.20 Brian_Mundell_COL BAT 0.768
+012+ 4.18 Austin_Allen_SDN BAT 0.669
+013+ 3.99 Corbin_Burnes_MIL PITCH 0.799
+014+ 3.95 Matt_Hall_DET PITCH 0.672
+015+ 3.93 Ademar_Rifaela_BAL BAT 0.665
+016+ 3.91 Beau_Burrows_DET PITCH 0.800
+017+ 3.88 Sam_Clay_MIN PITCH 0.791
+018+ 3.72 Brett_Siddall_OAK BAT 0.663
+019+ 3.53 Hamlet_Marte_COL BAT 0.770
+020+ 3.51 Aramis_Garcia_SFN BAT 0.694
+021+ 3.49 Zack_Littell_NYA PITCH 0.720
+022+ 3.49 Brett_Sullivan_TBA BAT 0.694
+023+ 3.42 Jose_Taveras_PHI PITCH 0.651
+024+ 3.36 Roberto_Ramos_COL BAT 0.635
+025+ 3.32 Tyler_Pike_ATL PITCH 0.714

Eloy Jimenz had a total of around +3.75 so he would have made the top 25 this year.  Next season many of these players (if not all) will be on an AA team somewhere.

That is all for A+ and minor league reports for this season.  Perhaps in the off season when trading starts we’ll run through AAA, AA, and A+ once again.  Cubs start a new series with the Phillies tomorrow and then it’s another Saturday and update on Cubs team status.  Until then….

State of the Tennessee Smokies and AA

We haven’t looked at the Tennessee Smokies or AA since the beginning of July.  Here are  their last two snapshots we made and current team status.

-5.5 13.6 283 269 36 33 2.4 1.9 Tennessee_Smokies_CHN 6/22/2017
-17.1 25.2 353 336 46 41 5.4 3.6 Tennessee_Smokies_CHN 7/11/2017
-44.0 48.2 464 452 62 57 4.7 3.3 Tennessee_Smokies_CHN  8/15/2017

Hitting tanked badly, pitching canceled that out and the Smokies went 16-16 since our last snapshot which is expected.  Let’s dive into their top players to see what happened during the last month.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos WinPct
+012+ 4.09 James_Pugliese_CHN PITCH 0.768
+018+ 3.70 Daury_Torrez_CHN PITCH 0.759
+043+ 2.90 Jason_Vosler_CHN BAT 0.625
+096+ 2.12 Jen-Ho_Tseng_CHN PITCH 0.606
+192+ 1.41 Andury_Acevedo_CHN PITCH 0.923
XXXXX 1.30 Brad_Markey_CHN PITCH 0.595
XXXXX 1.22 Adbert_Alzolay_CHN PITCH 0.677
XXXXX 1.01 David_Garner_CHN PITCH 0.647

Jason Vosler was ranked #3 in AA on 7/11 and has dropped to #43 which is still top 100.  He went from +4.18 to +2.90 which is a significant loss for a single month.  It means he was hitting way below league average along with many others on this team.  The two pitchers, Pugliese and Torrez maintained their rank which requires increasing their value.  We saw in team status how pitching has improved and you can see it in the above table.

The highlighted names in blue have moved to aaa or moved here from aplus leagues.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos WinPct
+192+ 1.41 Andury_Acevedo_CHN PITCH 0.923 aa
+192+ -0.65 Andury_Acevedo_ARI PITCH NA aa
XXXXX 0.21 Andury_Acevedo_CHN PITCH 0.579 aaa
+105+ 1.66 Adbert_Alzolay_CHN PITCH 0.591 aplus
XXXXX 1.22 Adbert_Alzolay_CHN PITCH 0.677 aa
+096+ 2.12 Jen-Ho_Tseng_CHN PITCH 0.606 aa
+169+ 1.68 Jen-Ho_Tseng_CHN PITCH 0.752 aaa
XXXXX 1.01 David_Garner_CHN PITCH 0.647 aa
XXXXX 0.32 David_Garner_CHN PITCH NA aaa

League is the last column.  We don’t have minor league rosters so can’t tell if Acevedo is with the Cubs or Arizona but he played in AAA with the Cubs after tearing up the AA league with a 0.923 Win%.  Alzolay moved from aplus to aa and has been pitching well.  Jen Ho Tseng went from aa to aaa and is pitching well for Iowa right now.  We’ll see if the MLB Cubs try him out in September.  It appears David Garner also moved to AAA after pitching well in aa but he doesn’t have enough playing time to compute a Win%.

This data model only takes the dataset and crunches it to make these sorts.  We don’t follow prospects and don’t even know anything about the above players.  Finally, let’s dump the top 25 of AA which will have many more players we  know nothing about other than their name ends up in this list.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos WinPct
+001+ 4.85 Garabez_Rosa_BAL BAT 0.697
+002+ 4.70 Jeremy_Barfield_BOS BAT 0.788
+003+ 4.66 Corey_Oswalt_NYN PITCH 0.680
+004+ 4.56 Tyler_Mahle_CIN PITCH 0.741
+005+ 4.51 Nick_Ramirez_MIL PITCH 0.802
+006+ 4.47 Viosergy_Rosa_OAK BAT 0.670
+007+ 4.41 Austin_Ross_CIN PITCH 0.745
+008+ 4.30 Kevin_Cron_ARI BAT 0.663
+009+ 4.28 Deck_McGuire_CIN PITCH 0.633
+010+ 4.24 Franmil_Reyes_SDN BAT 0.668
+011+ 4.14 Jonathan_Rodriguez_MIN BAT 0.672
+012+ 4.09 James_Pugliese_CHN PITCH 0.768
+013+ 4.09 Edwin_Rios_LAN BAT 0.737
+014+ 3.93 DJ_Stewart_BAL BAT 0.667
+015+ 3.86 Scott_Kingery_PHI BAT 0.734
+016+ 3.82 Anthony_Garcia_SLN BAT 0.711
+017+ 3.76 Christin_Stewart_DET BAT 0.654
+018+ 3.70 Daury_Torrez_CHN PITCH 0.759
+019+ 3.70 Ronald_Herrera_NYA PITCH 0.797
+020+ 3.59 Mike_Soroka_ATL PITCH 0.624
+021+ 3.55 Jack_Flaherty_SLN PITCH 0.752
+022+ 3.51 Scott_Barlow_LAN PITCH 0.682
+023+ 3.51 Gabriel_Quintana_DET BAT 0.667
+024+ 3.46 Jose_Fernandez_LAN BAT 0.680
+025+ 3.46 Dakota_Hudson_SLN PITCH 0.637

Cubs highlighted in blue. This list is compiled using the WAA value as a weighting factor so it means these are the top 25 players who accumulated value in AA this season, not necessarily the top 25 prospects in AA.  Evaluating prospect talent requires much more than this data model can provide.

The White Sox may have players in this list next year.  Most of their prospects are in A+ or A.  We’ll do A+ next and look into some of their acquisitions there.  Until then….

State of the Iowa Cubs 8/10/2017

It has been a month since we looked at the Iowa Cubs.  The last time back on July 6 was the day Kyle Schwarber returned to the MLB Cubs after spending a productive week in Iowa.  Let’s look at the current team status line for the Iowa Cubs as well as the previous two snapshots we have.

-3.4 -77.4 294 379 27 38 -5.7 -1.3 Iowa_Cubs_CHN 6/17/2017
4.7 -65.2 408 475 39 47 -4.3 -2.2 Iowa_Cubs_CHN 7/6/2017
7.9 -59.4 556 610 55 59 -0.3 -2.0 Iowa_Cubs_CHN 8/10/2017

Both BAT and PITCH up around 5 runs, UR is up 4 runs, and the Iowa Cubs went 16-12 during this period gaining 4 games.  Not bad.  Let’s take a look at their top players.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos WinPct
+040+ 3.32 Victor_Caratini_CHN BAT 0.711
+075+ 2.48 Eddie_Butler_CHN PITCH 0.744
+154+ 1.83 Ian_Happ_CHN BAT 0.803
+161+ 1.72 Mark_Zagunis_CHN BAT 0.583
+170+ 1.68 Jen-Ho_Tseng_CHN PITCH 0.752
XXXXX 1.41 Chris_Dominguez_CHN BAT 0.587
XXXXX 1.22 Zac_Rosscup_CHN PITCH 0.698
XXXXX 1.01 Jeimer_Candelario_CHN BAT 0.559
XXXXX 0.92 Seth_Frankoff_CHN PITCH 0.544
XXXXX 0.84 Jack_Leathersich_CHN PITCH 0.605

In the minors we list the WinPct rate to provide perspective because players move around a lot.  Many players above have played and still play for the MLB Cubs.  Happ keeps dropping in rank because his WAA is frozen.  The WinPct shows why the MLB Cubs pulled him out of Iowa and he has been hitting well so far.  Butler is back in Iowa and he has been moving sideways and dropped from #53 to #75.  He still has a high WinPct.  Avila was acquired from Detroit for Jeimer Candelario above so they could let Caratini grow some more.  He’s the top Cub and ranked #40.  On July 6 he was ranked #20 but he spent some time with the MLB Cubs.  I think Zac Rosscup is with COL now.

Let’s see how the White Sox AAA team, the Charlotte Knights are doing.

-41.3 -11.1 364 429 36 48 -12.3 -0.2 Charlotte_Knights_CHA 7/6/2017
-61.6 -44.6 489 611 46 70 -16.3 0.5 Charlotte_Knights_CHA 8/10/2017

They went 10-22 or -12 during the last month.  This is a team that is cratering at all levels.  Most of their prospects traded are in A or AA so we’ll see how they’re doing later.  Here are their top players.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos WinPct
+127+ 2.04 Reynaldo_Lopez_CHA PITCH 0.576
+162+ 1.72 Brad_Goldberg_CHA PITCH 0.702
XXXXX 1.36 Juan_Minaya_CHA PITCH 0.822
XXXXX 1.20 Matt_Purke_CHA PITCH 0.601
XXXXX 1.07 Cody_Asche_CHA BAT 0.584
XXXXX 1.01 Kevan_Smith_CHA BAT 0.813
XXXXX 0.99 David_Holmberg_CHA PITCH 0.791

There won’t be many top players on a team that is -24.  Apparently Goldberg might have been called up to the MLB White Sox.

Let’s look at the top players in AAA, both International and Pacific Coast Leagues.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos WinPct
+001+ 8.11 Christian_Walker_ARI BAT 0.816
+002+ 7.35 Oswaldo_Arcia_ARI BAT 0.908
+003+ 7.10 Garrett_Cooper_MIL BAT 0.926
+004+ 6.22 Steven_Brault_PIT PITCH 0.747
+005+ 5.63 Zach_Borenstein_ARI BAT 0.811
+006+ 5.42 Rhys_Hoskins_PHI BAT 0.719
+007+ 5.31 A.J._Reed_HOU BAT 0.729
+008+ 5.29 Brett_Phillips_MIL BAT 0.785
+009+ 5.21 Mike_Tauchman_COL BAT 0.738
+010+ 5.21 Jabari_Blash_SDN BAT 0.870
+011+ 5.02 Hector_Velazquez_BOS PITCH 0.769
+012+ 4.91 Christian_Villanueva_SDN BAT 0.763
+013+ 4.79 Preston_Tucker_HOU BAT 0.699
+014+ 4.66 Caleb_Smith_NYA PITCH 0.714
+015+ 4.64 Tyler_White_HOU BAT 0.718
+016+ 4.58 Andrew_Albers_ATL PITCH 0.683
+017+ 4.39 Jordan_Patterson_COL BAT 0.688
+018+ 4.39 Jon_Kemmer_HOU BAT 0.735
+019+ 4.20 Chance_Adams_NYA PITCH 0.716
+020+ 4.18 Derek_Fisher_HOU BAT 0.709
+021+ 4.14 Yonny_Chirinos_TBA PITCH 0.657
+022+ 4.03 Tyler_Glasnow_PIT PITCH 0.794
+023+ 3.93 Colin_Moran_HOU BAT 0.723
+024+ 3.86 Noel_Cuevas_COL BAT 0.670
+025+ 3.74 Dominic_Smith_NYN BAT 0.644

Ranking is alway done using the weighting value, WAA, not WinPct.  Because players can move up from AA and start anew in AAA the above list does not reflect that.  Many of the above are playing for an MLB team and not necessarily the MLB team listed with their name.

That’s all for now.  We’ll do Tennessee Smokies and AA as well as the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, the Cubs A+ team some time this month.

State of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans

Since the Cubs’ recent acquisition, Jose Quintana, just pitched a gem today I decided to compile the 30 MLB affiliates in the A+ minor league and look at the players the White Sox got in return.  The A+ league is one level below AA, two below AAA, and 3 below MLB.  There is one level below A+ but not sure if that’s worth compiling.

The Cubs’ A+ team is the Myrtle Beach Pelicans.  Back in 2013 they were in Daytona and they might have won it all that year.  These affiliates move around a lot in the lower leagues.  Here is the Pelicans’ team status.

4.2 19.3 401 385 51 40 -10.6 3.4 Myrtle_Beach_Pelicans_CHN

This is a good team even though their fielding (UR) is sub average, worse than the MLB Cubs.  Here are their top players in Myrtle Beach.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos  WinPct
+029+ 2.77 Justin_Steele_CHN PITCH 0.651
+100+ 1.74 Eloy_Jimenez_CHN BAT 0.692
+105+ 1.66 Adbert_Alzolay_CHN PITCH 0.591
+107+ 1.66 Bryant_Flete_CHN BAT 0.606
+110+ 1.62 Craig_Brooks_CHN PITCH 0.859
+116+ 1.57 Dakota_Mekkes_CHN PITCH 0.899
+127+ 1.49 Michael_Rucker_CHN PITCH 0.643
+137+ 1.43 Pedro_Araujo_CHN PITCH 0.654
+150+ 1.34 Dillon_Maples_CHN PITCH 0.693
+167+ 1.26 Matt_Rose_CHN BAT 0.595
XXXXX 1.03 James_Norwood_CHN PITCH 0.632
XXXXX 0.97 Eddy_Martinez_CHN BAT 0.557
XXXXX 0.80 Trent_Giambrone_CHN BAT 0.545
XXXXX 0.78 Jordan_Minch_CHN PITCH 0.695

Cubs have a lot of guys in the top 200 out of 30 MLB A+ affiliates.  The three guys in bold tan are who the Cubs gave up for Quintana.  The forth prospect Dylan Cease played for the Cubs in South Bend on their A team.   We’ll wait until the end of the season to look at him if the White Sox decide to elevate him to A+.

A WinPct column has been added just for minor leagues.  Since WAA represents wins, the delta between W-L, it can be converted to WinPct using the following formula.

WinPct = 0.5 + 0.5*WAA/Games

Where Games = PA/38.4 for batters, IP/9 for pitchers.  This is explained more here.  You can’t do this with WAR.

The weighted WAA is the only value that can be used to rank.  Unlike In MLB, minor league players move from league to league in a season.  A value stat accumulates with playing time so just looking at WAA in these leagues can be deceptive.  A WinPct is considered a rate at which a player is accumulating value much like a batting average which is also a rate.

Many sites and TV commentators like to tout rates to compare players and that is improper.  Rates can only provide context.  A player who hit 0.300 with 700 ABs  made 210 hits whereas a player who hit 0.300 with only 500 AB made 150 hits.  The TV commentators and most Sabermetric stat sites don’t make this distinction and consider the rate sacrosanct.

In the minors we need to provide context.  We don’t in MLB.  In MLB all that matters is a player’s contribution.  We don’t care what could be if that player had more ABs because nobody knows.  Rates change and past results do not affect future results.  When a GM needs to pick a player to elevate they want to do that mid season or several times a season and they don’t want to wait.  That’s where these WinPct rates can be beneficial, they put the WAA value stat into context.  All three Cubs’ prospects who were traded are around 0.600 which is a very good rate.

There’s also scouting intuition like Clint Eastwood in “Trouble with the Curve” that comes into play that can have its own completely separate model used to evaluate the knowledge base of scouts.   There are coaches developing players who might not care about stats as they’re trying out different things.  The above numbers can’t discern this.  These numbers simply provide one perspective.

The Cubs don’t have any A+ players in the top 25 but, like their MLB team, they are all playing around the same level.  A team can win championships without many superstars as long as everyone contributes a little bit.  It all adds up.

I was going to do the White Sox’ Winston Salem team but they’re just as bad as their AA and AAA teams described here.  The White Sox farm system is in complete disarray.  Not sure what Reinsdorf has been doing all these years.

Since we’re here let’s list the top 25 players of all MLB affiliates in the A+ league.  Although many of these teams have cool names we only tag players with their franchise ID.

Rank WAA Name_TeamID Pos
+001+ 5.35 Michael_Chavis_BOS BAT
+002+ 4.89 Wes_Rogers_COL BAT
+003+ 4.56 Brendan_Rodgers_COL BAT
+004+ 4.33 Brian_Mundell_COL BAT
+005+ 4.28 Sam_Hilliard_COL BAT
+006+ 4.12 Garrett_Hampson_COL BAT
+007+ 4.07 Yonathan_Daza_COL BAT
+008+ 3.97 Corbin_Burnes_MIL PITCH
+009+ 3.67 Beau_Burrows_DET PITCH
+010+ 3.65 DJ_Peters_LAN BAT
+011+ 3.65 Aramis_Garcia_SFN BAT
+012+ 3.53 Zack_Littell_NYA PITCH
+013+ 3.42 Kyle_Dowdy_DET PITCH
+014+ 3.34 Jose_Taveras_PHI PITCH
+015+ 3.32 Pedro_Vasquez_PIT PITCH
+016+ 3.19 Kyle_Tucker_HOU BAT
+017+ 3.15 Tyler_Pike_ATL PITCH
+018+ 3.15 Brandon_Lowe_TBA BAT
+019+ 3.04 Chad_De_La_Guerra_BOS BAT
+020+ 3.02 Zac_Gallen_SLN PITCH
+021+ 3.02 Logan_Hill_PIT BAT
+022+ 2.96 Wuilder_Rodriguez_MIL PITCH
+023+ 2.94 Joey_Curletta_SEA BAT
+024+ 2.92 Brett_Sullivan_TBA BAT
+025+ 2.83 Mylz_Jones_COL BAT

The WinPct rate is not needed and would only confuse on a top level sort like this.  Notice ranks 2-7 are from the Colorado Rocky affiliate.  Normally when something like this happens I”m thinking bug in the code but this isn’t a bug.  Here’s their team status.

182.2 -147.8 586 540 50 43 1.4 10.4 Lancaster_JetHawks_COL

LOL! This is about as lopsided a team can possibly get.  They’re pitching is absolutely horrible and it’s balanced out by a team of minor league Babe Ruths.   The Lucky Runs (LR) is described more here.   They’re basically runs that score where no one gets an RBI.  Unlike Unearned Runs which a team can improve upon,  there’s nothing a team can do to improve lucky runs.  That’s why we call them lucky.  We include them in team status reports for completeness.  I have never seen LR this high.

Anyway, that’s all today.  New series with Atlanta tomorrow.  Until then….