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Arrrrrgh !!!!!

Cubs today play a double header with them being home the first game and away the second game … because anything goes this season. Needless to say this broke the way this model indexes games and you can see the breakage here.

To fix this would require a lot of new code and complicate several scripts for something that should never happen. I decided not to bother even though it will occur a lot this season. Maybe there’s a simple kluge but can’t think of anything and right now don’t care.

Back to 1984 tomorrow as I’m too tired and upset to deal with that right now. Until then ….

Update: Two weeks into baseball season

We’re two weeks into the baseball season.  I usually wait three weeks before compiling anything and even that is not enough data to do proper rankings.  Fired up the parsing scripts and they’re broke.  They were last updated April 2015 so they worked for two seasons.  Now I have to relearn my own code but I did write a lot of comments.  Good commenting in code helps the author  just as much as a maintainer.  When coding I feel like the guy in the movie “Memento” knowing I will  completely forget how it works the next time I need to make changes.  But I digress …

In a few days everything should be fixed and hopefully they didn’t change around the Vegas web sites where I get  daily lines (a.k.a The Ouija Board).   The lines are very close to an actual probability than any human prognosticator can dream up.  It intrigues me as to why this is and I still can’t beat them even though this data model is a very accurate player and team evaluator.  I’ll get into more of this kind of analysis throughout this season.