League Top Ten: Batters Pitchers

Rank: Rank of player in his respective league amongst both pitchers and batters. A bottom ten list sorts from worst to best. Ranks go from 1 to 300 in both top and bottom lists. Any rank higher than 300 will receive an X for neutral or unranked for that year.
WAA: Weighting factor used to rank players.
Last column shows player's previous year rank. A number in red is their rank in the bottom up list. A high ranking in this type of list is not good. A number in blue is their rank in a top down list. A high rank in this list is good. The two lists max out at the number of teams times 10. In modern baseball that's 300. In the 26 team era it would be 260. An X indicates that player either didn't make a top of bottom list the previous year or they didn't play.
Score: In the career view a ranking score is computed for players in the top list by 301-Rank and Rank-301 for players in the bottom list. This score along with computed totals allow for direct comparison between any two systems since each system must show how they rank players amongst each other making their respective weighting factors irrelevant.
Column meaning changes in tables that include both pitchers and batters BAT/PITCH