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As TV battle looms, many Dodgers fans left in dark

And so the battle lines are being drawn in yet another showdown between a sports network and the major distributors. DirecTV, Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-Verse are among the carriers balking at charging their subscribers $4.50-$5 month per month to carry SportsNet LA.

ESPN, by comparison, gets about $5.40 per home, TNT $1.20.

YES, the network of the New York Yankees and Brooklyn Nets, charges around $3.20 per subscriber. According to a Forbes analysis, YES is the most profitable and most watched regional sports network.

via As TV battle looms, many Dodgers fans left in dark.

This is how LAN and NYA can support big time payrolls.  With streaming perhaps five bucks per month for 6 or 7 months isn’t asking much for hard core fans.  I’m curious as to how they’ll keep a 24/7 streaming feed full of content worth listening to for free let alone charging a monthly fee.

Note:  Not much to write about since the 2013 season is in the history books and there isn’t any current data to digest so there’s nothing interesting to post other than outside articles like this until the season starts.  I am now working on a system to rate players for Rotisserie baseball leagues.  A highly valued player for a Rotisserie baseball league does not directly translate to a  high value in real world MLB.  Once I get a model figured out I’ll code it up and compare it against historical numbers.  Until then….