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Career Numbers for 2014 Class

2014 Career Numbers

In the first of many data dumps to come I took all players who have made an appearance in 2014 as of last Thursday, computed their careers, and collated their career numbers into tabular form in a somewhat navigational set of pages.  Currently this is alpha or beta, thus not very fancy right now but it works.  You can browse by team to see a list of players sorted by  career WAA.  Clicking on a player brings up his year by year stats in similar tabular form that has been presented here in the past.


Perusing these tables should give some indication as to the method to my madness as well as illustrating teams, like the Chicago Cubs, who have no veteran players of any value.

Since this set of pages, and many other sets to follow, contain so many tables it is not possible to integrate them into this WordPress platform. This site is a work in progress.   I plan to expand these tables to include career WAR and other peripheral stats that some may find useful for comparison sake.   The look and feel of these tables will evolve over the course of this season.